Example doodads from Sketchy Maze.
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Example Doodads

This repository includes some example doodads for Sketchy Maze. You can learn from their scripts or use them as a base for your own custom doodads.

Warp Door Character Anvil

All of these doodads are built from PNG images using the doodad program that comes with the game. Check your guidebook for information where you might find this program. The doodad files are constructed by the doodad tool so it should be somewhere on your $PATH. See the build.sh script in each example for the doodad commands used.

  • Playable Character: making your own character with animations that follow your keypresses, like the built-in creatures.
  • Warp Door: create your own compatible Warp Door that you can link to the built-in doors.
  • Anvil: the harmless doodad that becomes dangerous while falling.

To do:

  • State Doodads: create your own "blue" and "orange" boolean state doodad that follows along with the rest.

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